Our Services

We currently offer a wide range of services, including:

1. Wine Investment 

We've been investing in wine for over 15 years now and have gained very good experience in fine wine markets that are widely known to outperform almost all other asset classes over a prolonged period. (LivEx data shows averaged returns of over 12.9% annually.)

The Vinterest Wine Investment Portfolio is now available to join.  For more information on how to do so, see here. 

2. Fine Wine Sourcing 

We are able to call on a network of suppliers both in the UK and EU to achieve the very best market prices on wines for our customers. We prefer to act as a consulted ‘sourcing partner’ with our customers where they describe the requirements for the wines they’d like rather than expect them all to be on the website available to buy. Our range is in effect endless so adding them all to the website is not only an impossible task but a self-limiting one!

We will however list promoted wines and special parcels that we have in stock for immediate delivery so look out for these.

3. Cellar Management 

Most wine enthusiasts will have a collection of bottles whether stored in an actual ‘cellar’ or not. (note- even some of our own best wines are literally stored in chest of drawers around the house..) We offer a free cellar consultation to give customers feedback on your current holdings, when is the best time to enjoy your wines would be, i.e. whether to 'drink' or 'hold'.

We can also give feedback on current market prices for special bottles in case you were considering selling any of your wines. If you were, we can take care of that for you. We are also able to offer thoughts on gaps in your collection, if you provide a little more detail about which kinds of wines you enjoy and based on what is in your collection already.