Wine Investment Club

Love wine? Then why not invest in it?

With a current performance of c.30% annual growth, it is fair to say the wine investment club has got off to a flying start.

Launching a new fund in early 2022 means we are able to invest in the best performing sectors (e.g. Burgundy, Champagne, RoW) rather than be tied to a vast lake of Bordeaux whose performance outside the very top Chateaux is sluggish to say the least. So, there has been be a better time to begin investing in wine, and you can do so with full confidence with Vinterest - testimonials from our current investors are available, or you can read our Investment Guide here. Note: Capital at risk. Past performance is not an indication of future performance and investments can go down as well as up.

How do I join?

There are different ways you can join - just select the option that works best for you below.

Or, if you would like more information, just drop us an email here.


How does it work?

Simple. You you can join the club with a one-off joining payment of £500 or over, or with a monthly subscription. These funds will be used to buy wines which will be added to the Vinterest portfolio which we will look after and take care of the storage for on your behalves. If you have not selected specific cases of wine, then we will actively manage the wine collection so that the investments are optimised for best returns at all times.

Members will receive quarterly reports detailing how their wines and the club as a whole is performing, along with our views and those of leading critics on the current wine futures market. For more FAQs, see bottom of this page. For further information, please contact us at 

Why invest in wine?

There are many reasons why wine makes a great investment, some of the key ones are:

Tax Advantages - Wine bought through the wine club ('In Bond') is not subject to duty and VAT. More importantly perhaps, it is also generally exempt* from Capital Gains Tax upon sale of any assets, therefore this can have significant tax advantages for members (*Please be sure to discuss with your financial advisor or accountant to understand your personal tax position. We will strive to avoid any assets that may be included in scope for CGT.)  

Long-term Performance - Wine outperforms equities on a total return basis on any long-running analysis, registering compound growth of c.12% per annum (source: LivEx).   

Recession Resistant - During times of market turmoil, such as the 2008 Financial crash or the recent pandemic, fine wine investments have proven to be very resilient to wider economic contexts; e.g. during the last two years of Covid-19, the Dow Jones has fallen 23%, whereas the Fine wine index has fallen just 1%.

Low Volatility - Fine wine has almost bond-like stability and has repeatedly shown to give consistent performance even when stock markets are giving investors sleepless nights.

Tangible and Experiential - Unlike many stocks and shares which you will only own on paper, wine is a physical asset which is safely stored in a vault. This means that you can actually take delivery of (and enjoy!) the asset one day if you wish.


1. Is there a minimum or maximum I can join the club with?

Yes, for one-off payments there is a minimum of £500 you can join the club with, and £100 per month for recurring payments which must be kept active for one year. And no maximum! 😁

2. How long is my membership/wine locked in for?

We ask that members join the club for a minimum of three years to account for market corrections and fluctuations.

3. What does buying wine 'In Bond' mean?

When the wine is bottled and delivered to the UK, the cases are initially held in a bonded warehouse approved and regulated by HM Revenue & Customs. Wines in bond (IB) have not yet had the Duty and VAT paid on them. This has the added advantage of reducing the purchase price needed to secure the wines while ensuring they are stored in pristine conditions in purpose-built, temperature controlled and fully insured warehouses. Tax is then only liable if the wines are delivered to the owner.

4. Where will my wines be stored?

The wines will be stored at London City Bond (LCB) which is a renowned bespoke storage facility which is fully licensed, insured and temperature-controlled. Your wines will be held within the club portfolio for the period of 3 years at which point you can choose to take delivery of your wines (if specified) or if not you may choose to sell your wines back to the club.

5. What are the fees for being a member of the wine club?

In the first phase of operation we will charge a 5% commission on purchase and 10% on appreciation charged yearly. These rates will be revised and hopefully reduced in future.