About us

Our Story

Vinterest was founded in 2014 by wine-loving friends Nuno and Angus. Our goal has always been to offer a fresh approach to finding, buying and enjoying wine, doing away with the clichés that can tarnish the experience for many right from the outset, such as confusing tasting notes, or extensive ranges of wines rather than focusing on only those of the highest quality.

The world of wine is a weird and wonderful one, and we believe there is so much more value to be unlocked, whether for drinking pleasure or investment, and we have crafted a loyal customer base for whom we have been doing just that for almost ten years now.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; to provide the full range of services wine lovers need to enjoy the wonderful world of wine in the way that we do. Whether this be sourcing great wines for drinking pleasure, building and maintaining a collection or even starting out investing in wine, we are able to provide all of these services to you in a friendly, personable and informative way. 

Our Services

See Our Services for detailed information on what we offer currently.

Chin chin!

Angus & Nuno