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Surrender the Summer and embrace Grenache

If the weather this week is anything to go by, we can safely say that Autumn is well and truly here, which actually excites us because it provides our cue for embracing some other styles of wine. Enter Grenache, the grape behind some of the most legendary wines from the Rhône, Northern Spain and California. Grenache-based wines are ideal for Autumn; forming the perfect bridge between fruitier summer reds and the heavier, supercharged styles that we largely save for winter. And of course, if you are not ready to fully relinquish that Summer feel, then all you have to do is serve the wine slightly chilled.   Here are some of our favourite Grenache-led wines available today from our stores in London. Cote du Roussillon Rouge 2014, Domaine Paul Meunier £36.50 Winemakers Lucile and Paul Meunier hail from Burgundy and considering this...

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