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We’ve been permanently positioned in the garden this long, hot summer, and the barbecue has become our new best friend. In honour of national burger day — because burgers on the barbie, or anywhere for that matter, never get old — we came up with some wine styles that work wonders with your bun.
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The all American

Say cheese. The all American burger is the big daddy of the burger world — melted cheese (don’t ask where it comes from), a patty (we suggest 2), pickles, relish, mustard — the whole shebang. It needs something a little, forgive the pun, beefy, to match up to it, but with a little helping hand to cut through the fat. Try something Italian — Primitivo, perhaps, or even an unoaked, fresher style of Rioja.

Top London spots: We think Patty & Bun  and Five Guys are top draw when it comes to the All American. Or pop into a Hawksmoor, with a bottle of wine from the Vinterest cellar,  to make the most of their no corkage Monday’s.

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The Chicken burger
We didn’t think life, or chicken, could get much better after we tried our first fried chicken burger from Rita’s when it had a bricks and mortar home. But thankfully other spots have come to the rescue, offering up your classic fried chicken with slaw, but also jazzed up with  things like Korean spices and Kimchi mayo. We think this is a wonderful excuse to crack open a bottle of riesling — look for the words ‘trocken’ on the label for a dryer style, or a light red, such as a Beaujolais would work wonders here too.

Top London spots:
Chick n Sours Korean have an epic combination of tangy choices — the fried thigh, with chilli Vinegar and slaw in a buttermilk crumb and brioche bun is wondrous. Butchies is also a classic choice.   


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 The Veggie burger

Staring at a lacklustre mushroom in a soggy bun is thankfully a horror of the past.  Vegetable lovers can rejoice knowing that there are some mightily good meat-free options to feast on in London, or to make in the comfort of your own home. You’ve got some leeway on wine options too — tuck into a bottle of something Austrian, Gruner Veltliner perhaps to cut through the fry, or an orange/ skin contact wine could work nicely here too.
Top London spots: Honest Burgers has long been a London favourite, and their fritter burger — made up of sweetcorn, cauliflower and cucumber yoghurt — is a dream. For a tofu burger on steroids, head to Bleecker Burger .


The one you didn’t even think was a burger

Smoked pork belly, formed into a burger and topped with red onions and pickles — this my friends, is a burger in disguise. Giving you all of the smoky goodness of pork ribs, this calls for a style of wine that is friends with fat and smoke — a red from the Northern Rhone, or you could even opt for a style of white that has some texture, but feshness, such as a Chenin.

 Top London spots: Coin Laundry make the aforementioned smoky pork burger. We defy you not to go there and order it immediately. Opera Tavern also serve ridiculously good mini Iberico pork and foie gras numbers. They’re also small, so you feel less bad about eating them both. 

 We are already salivating at the mere writing of this down. Order a burger and some wine immediately — many of the above places deliver, as we do, straight to you door.

 To help things along the way, we're offering FREE DELIVERY on all orders until the end of August. Code: FREEDELIVERY18.   

Happy bank holiday weekend all, 


Angus & Nuno


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