September is Natural Wine Month

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What is Natural wine? Is it organic, biodynamic or is it about sustainability? Well, it's about all those things really, depending on where you are in the world. As Madeline Puckett from Wine Folly puts it; "think of it as wine unplugged", we like this definition because it encapsulates winemaking without the use of additives, addition of sulphites or any other manipulation which is exactly what Natural wines are. 

We have tasted many Natural wines and have had some delicious clean and fresh examples but we've also had some absolute shockers, so there is some navigation needed. 

Here are some of our favourite styles;

Pétillant Naturel (Pet-Nat)

The oldest sparkling wine method in the world where the wine finishes fermenting in bottles, which causes it to carbonate with a natural spritz. This Pet Nat from Californian producer Birichino is wonderfully drinkable, perfect to for a party or to enjoy in the park over the summer. As the winemakers themselves suggest; “chill, serve and then chill.”


Col Fondo Prosecco

Unfiltered Prosecco that turns the wine slightly cloudy because of the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. A wonderfully fresh, light and naturally uplifting Prosecco,
Maurizio Favrel is a young and exciting producer focused on quality, not quantity and using low intervention techniques in the wine making process.


Orange or Skin Contact
The style, is essentially a white wine made in a similar way to a red, and takes it’s name and golden hue from the grapes spending a little more time on their skins. 
This wine made from Fiano grapes is a showstopper. Whilst the grape is usually a simple, humble one, this wine takes on an amazing, golden colour from spending a little extra time on its skins. This gives it a richness, and unique character. We thoroughly recommend giving this wine a go.

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